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Shades of December

by Princess Draupadi


White curtains of descending frost
A cold sylvan day
I faced my shackled lord
Surrounded by tombstones gray
As moths during sapphire dusk
Fleeting, lacklustre memories flutter
On that glacial bed we lay
Once upon a December.

Moonless night and bitter cold
Obsidian sky against virginal white shower
Unshrouded offering at an icy temple
For a dark god to deflower
Tarnished key to a gilded lock
Butterfly kisses and his spectral whisper
Talons down a pallid back
That cold, dark December.

Luminous orbs waxed and waned
Ashen bodies in clandestine embrace
Smouldering hate eclipsed my agony
Raven tendrils, her dazzling face
My impaled heart twisted into stone
Dragged from his repulsive chamber
Prostrated before my granite witnesses
That bittersweet December.

Patience, till shadows grew long
Moonlight dancing upon mirrored dagger
Glinting as it plunged deep
In a crimson rain I saw him stagger
My heart revered its searing chains
My tears were my unholy prayer
Yet in the end, I saw him smiling
In the shimmering shades of December.